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Chris Nourse

Welcome to Yas American Academy, an inspiring school where all pupils reach for the stars!

I invite you to visit our world class campus to see the quality of the learning spaces, our excellent international staff team and of course our truly wonderful students.

Our students follow the Massachusetts State Curriculum which offers a dynamic and challenging approach to learning. Through a carefully crafted sequence of learning episodes students build their skills, knowledge and understanding of the world across a broad range of subjects. From Engineering to Art, from PE to English from Arabic to History all corners of education are explored. Elementary children build up their core skills through a thematic and investigative approach. As children move into the middle and high school- options are taken which determine learning pathways that best suit your child and electives are chosen that motivate and inspire them. All these experiences lead to the High School Diploma and a gateway to Universities both in the UAE and beyond.

I look forward to welcoming you to our amazing school community.

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Year Group School Fees Per Annum (in AED)* Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Registration Fee
PRE-KG 53,940 21,576 16,182 16,182 2,000
KG1 – KG2 53,940 21,576 16,182 16,182 2,000
Grade 1 – Grade 5 56,060 22,424 16,818 16,818 2,000
Grade 6 – Grade 8 60,300 24,120 18,090 18,090 2,000
Grade 9 – Grade 12 65,060 26,024 19,518 19,518 2,000

* There may be an increase to the school fees prior or during the Academic Year 2023/2024 subject to ADEK approval.
* Tuition Fees do not include uniform, food services, transport, examination fees or extra-curricular activities outside school hour.




As Aldar Academies’ founding American-curriculum school, Yas American Academy is a private international school located in Abu Dhabi following the Massachusetts State curriculum, recently ranked as the number one curriculum in the United States. Last year, Yas American Academy secured accreditation by The New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC), the oldest and most prestigious regional accrediting bodies in the United States. At Yas American Academy, we provide a structured learning environment for all ages and phases.

Yas American Academy uses a play-based learning model in Kindergarten, an inquiry-based learning model in the Elementary grades and project-based learning in Middle and High School phases. Research proves that schools such as ours who adopt such approaches to learning produce high-quality education. Every student, regardless of their start point, academic ability or future goals, has a pathway to success at Yas American Academy. Our provision is both broad and well balanced. Should a student wish to study or gain future employment in the UAE, USA or beyond, our curriculum program offering supports students, eventually offering close to 100 +courses in the Middle and High school program.

We pride ourselves in providing the best education in the best surroundings. Our Academy boasts a wide range of sporting facilities for activities both during and after school. Our dedicated performing arts facilities allow our students to explore their creative sides, while an extremely well-resourced library supports academic studies. As the premier school of choice on Yas Island, we can utilise our links to the many attractions situated on the island and work in collaboration with them to create an engaging 21st-century curriculum. Students have many opportunities to work on projects such as the F1 in Schools program with Yas Marina Circuit.


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